“The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.” – Frances Willard

Hello, I’m Clo!

I am a Certified High Performance CoachTM, founder of The Expanded Way, entrepreneur & lover of all things personal development!

My mission in life – helping entrepreneurs & founders with big dreams in their hearts build lasting impact and enjoyable success in their businesses. All of that with 👇

🧱 Structured & science-backed processes (to bring you the confidence that your efforts will pay off)

👌 Simplicity (because complexity kills dreams, momentum, and businesses!)

😀 And the Smile (everything goes better when you bring joy, passion, and purpose)

My belief – You can create so much goodness with a business and it is worth fighting for every single day!

BUT the growth is not linear, and even when you succeed, things keep getting harder. The fun never ends, right?

If you are looking for a partner in crime to go through the process without feeling alone and overwhelmed, I am here for you!

My values

🏆 Excellence 🏆

“Constant and never ending improvement” is my philosophy.

I believe in taking ownership and growing to always serve you better!

Let’s aim to be outstanding!

💪 Courage 💪

If we have gifts to offer to the world, we have to step up for it!

Role model the way, challenge yourself to dream big, do the hard work every single day!

💥 Aliveness 💥

If we don’t feel truly alive while we are alive, what is the point? If we don’t enjoy ourselves in business, is it worth it?

Bring on the playfulness and the enthusiasm, and I’m all in !

🙏 Deep Humanity 🙏

I hate judgmental people and labels that put humans in boxes.

I believe everyone has unique strengths and specific challenges to deal with. We can all grow with the right support!

6 Things to know about me

1️⃣ I am one of the 1000 elite coaches in the world certified by The High Performance Institute, founded by the always amazing Brendon Burchard!

2️⃣ I would probably have become a coach 10 years earlier if I was aware this job existed! It took me less than 2 weeks between discovering coaching and launching my business. That’s how much sense it made to me!

3️⃣ I used to be a scientist in another life. I worked in the fast-paced flavors & fragrances industry, leading global technical projects.

4️⃣ I followed multidisciplinary training in Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, etc. in my last 9-5 job. A great preparation to understand all the pieces of a successful business!

5️⃣ I am a European serial expatriate since 2011 – France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy – and now UK!

6️⃣ My biggest personal awakening happened while attending a Tony Robbins event in 2020. I have since volunteered to crew 5 events for him, great fun!

My coaching & training style

I am not just there for “easy chit-chat” sessions every week!

I am not here to kill your team with boring powerpoint slides either 😉!

My style instead is full of:

Depth & Tangibility – There is no progress without deep clarity. Or without implementation.

Tough love – Honesty and taking ownership are key to real change. And yes, I am all in for kicking butts when needed!

Challenges – I am here to push and not let you settle for less than what is possible. That’s where the magic happens.

Playfulness – We can work hard together, but I always want to make sure that you have fun too. No better way to be in the right frame of mind!

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