Become the best asset of your business by optimizing the daily habits that matter to show up at your best every day!

Your business will fail if you end up stuck in frustration, exhaustion or doubts as a business owner.

Maybe not straight away, but it will on the long-term. Because there is no way to build lasting success if you don’t think strategically and take care about your own performance (and happiness!) as priority n°1.

And you are here to stay, right?

So why not maximize your chances by building the right personal habits to operate at your fullest potential?

Running a business (and a high-quality life at the same time) demands the BEST of you. The most focused, energetic, productive, courageous and influential version of you! Fully engaged, purposeful and ready to do the hard work every day!

And you know that this best version of you will not happen by luck but by design, right?

Well, good news! People who consistently perform at their best have been studied. And their key strategies and habits captured for you to implement in your own life too so that you can ⤵️

How it works

Step 1

Apply for a free Strategy Session and fill in a short questionnaire about your current situation

Step 2

Enjoy 90-min of High Performance coaching and let’s decide together if that’s the right program for you

Step 3

Start building the right habits and performing at your fullest potential in your business and life!

When you are serious about your contribution to the world, there is no time to play around. You need results, and fast. Not fluff…

Certified High Performance is perfect for that! It combines:

  • A proven science-backed curriculum, based on the world largest study of high performers.
  • A challenge approach, and not just a listening approach, to make sure you keep progressing to your next level.
  • An average client satisfaction of 9.7 out of 10 (rated on 70000+ sessions delivered worldwide)

Here is what my clients have loved about Certified High Performance CoachingTM.

Imagine meeting me in 90 days and telling me this ⤵️

“Well, Clo, what a difference!!!! 

I don’t feel anymore overwhelmed or stuck in my life and business.

I am happy to wake up every morning and I tackle the days full of energy and purpose.

I feel more clarity now on what my contribution to the world should be, and what to do every day to create momentum in the right direction.

I am much less scattered and more productive. I mean, I am moving fast on my big goals! And I still have some free time left!

I show up with more impact and presence in my relationships too. My loved ones and my clients really appreciate that!

What can I say, I simply feel happier, more alive and more confident!

And I cannot believe I am actually having fun creating my success and best life!”

After cheering you on for maaanny minutes, I would ask you: “Do you ever regret signing up for Certified High Performance Coaching?” 

Because what you would have described here is a high performance life !

Thriving in your business, growing in your personal life too, feeling energetic and having amazing relationships, truly knowing you are impacting the world at the level you dream of…

That is what you can achieve through the Certified High Performance CoachingTM program.

The Program Structure

6 Foundations Sessions

To learn the tools, strategies and habits necessary for rapid transformation. And boost your focus, clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence.

6 Mastery Sessions

To reach your next level and sustain your performance long-term. And dive into psychology, physiology, productivity, persuasion, purpose and commitment.

Powerful worksheets

To explore the High Performance concepts at a deeper level, including frameworks and tools you can put to use immediately and for the rest of your life!

The nuts and bolts

Coaching sessions take place online, weekly or biweekly based on your preference.

Bringing High Performance to your life will require an investment of £3120 (payment plans available).

Creating a business and a life where you feel at your highest potential (and enjoy yourself !) is absolutely worth it. And it is within your reach if you commit to your own development!

If you are reading these words, you are not average!

That’s right, I already know you a little bit 😉!

You are excellence-driven and determined to create a successful business and life.

You always go for it, make things happen and deliver high quality in everything you touch.

Starting your business was an empowering experience for you!

You were excited to be able to contribute to the world the way you want to (finally!).

You were engaged, taking in all the challenges with boldness and learning on the go.

Momentum was on your side, and you 100% believed in the success of your business.

And you knew that you were one step closer to reach your fullest potential and dream life!

But maybe the more complex reality of your business journey has kicked in already…

Being an entrepreneur demands more than what you expected.

Between serving your clients, developing yourself, and managing your business and your team, you feel pulled in multiple directions every single day.

Time seems to be running away from you constantly and days don’t feel as productive as you’d love them to be. Sometimes they are even filled with boring tasks…

Maybe you’ve put your well-being, personal life and relationships on hold while you figure the business out properly.

All the decisions and the unknowns to manage leave you drained mentally and emotionally.

Results are not happening as fast as you thought they would. You are growing very frustrated about the lack of progress, and blaming yourself for it.

Doubts, low confidence and negative emotions sneak their way into your mind too often.

You feel you are letting your business (and dream life) down.

What happens next is left unknown

Maybe with some luck you pass this turbulent zone.

You binge on motivation books, listen to super inspiring Ted Talks, talk to other entrepreneurs to get perspective. And you manage to bring yourself back on track for a while. But you don’t know if that’s going to be enough for the long-term…

OR you slowly burn out day after day, feeling isolated and disconnected from your initial purpose, not knowing what to do to regain control and motivation. Until you have to take months out to recover…

Or until you decide to give up on your business & life dreams completely…

This is where Certified High Performance CoachingTM comes in!

See, what you are going through has nothing to do with your skills, your intelligence, your personality, your background etc… It has to do with the compounded effect of your daily habits.

You are an extraordinary giver and a person who can make a true difference with your business. And to bring that to the world in a way that is powerful but also enjoyable and sustainable for you (because you deserve it too!), you need a different strategy to approach your performance every day.

A strategy made for outstanding humans who are after MORE and not settling…

A strategy that supports you and your dreams long-term, instead of a quick homemade fix…

A strategy that has already proven to work with other ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide…

Are you ready to commit to yourself and your success?

Discover what the World’s Highest Performers are doing differently to build their successful businesses and personal lives

Listen to my free masterclass about High Performance !👇