You fought so hard to bring the business to life and grow it that far. You don’t want all your efforts to go to waste!

But you feel it right now – sustaining business growth brings its own set of new challenges. And there is little room for error – you got to get it right!

If you are not keeping yourself sane and focused as a business leader while you do the hard work…

If you can’t bring your team to function effectively enough to support the growth…

There is a high chance that things will go sideways.

Save yourself the big headaches and the unnecessary struggles

Give yourself peace of mind by strengthening what truly matters for your business to thrive – yourself and your people.

Because it’s cliché but true – if you take care of the people behind the business, the business will take care of itself.

With the right High Performance strategies and daily practices to boost you and your team, you can create stronger certainty that your business will do amazing without constantly feeling the pressure on your shoulders.

How it works

Step 1

Choose what would be the most impactful for you (1:1 coaching just for you, coaching/training for your team).

Step 2

Schedule a call with me so we can explore your challenges and decide if we want to work together.

Step 3

Continue your exciting journey towards business growth with more enjoyment and peace of mind!

No business leader should ever have to feel that the only way to succeed is to sacrifice yourself, carry everything alone, and hustle all the time.

That’s my belief – and with Certified High Performance CoachingTM & training programs, you won’t have to!

Because you’ll know exactly:

  • What science shows work for human performance and leadership – so you can focus your efforts on what matters
  • What strategies and habits can support you and your team feel engaged every day
  • How to think about growth and success with a long-term mindset – so you can step off the hamster wheel

The 2 ways we can work together

3-6 months of Certified High Performance Coaching™ to elevate your performance holistically, and advance your leadership skills if you are working with a team

Bespoke combination of workshops, group coaching and 1:1 coaching programs to support your team members be at their best too

No matter how capable and committed you are as an entrepreneur or founder, growing your business past the initial stages of success will challenge you hard.

Meet Your Coach

I am Clotilde Bouaoud (Clo), Certified High Performance Coach™ and founder at the Expanded Way!

I share more about myself in the Your Coach section, but I wanted to make sure you know something about me right off the bat👇

I AM NOT FOR EVERYONE AND EVERY BUSINESS – my passion is helping the dreamers-doers.

Solopreneurs, small business owner, start-up & scale up founders – if you have a big mission, you are passionate about it, and you are committed to make it happen, I have your back!

And I am definitely not going to be your cup of tea if

You are resistant to change, personal growth, and excellence mindset – High Performance is about going next level and becoming extraordinary. It demands commitment and a learning mindset.

You believe that hustle & grind is the only way ahead – sorry not sorry, I am 200% against rat race behaviors and burning people to the ground.

You don’t believe that people (you included) are the key and you see them as a lower priority than business results – I am coaching & training humans, not cogwheels!

You are looking for quick superficial fixes and shortcuts – High Performance is focused on changing the long-term quality of your life and business adventures.

You are not feeling an urgent need to change the approach right now – You will get the results only if you are ready to do the work. And I don’t want you to invest if you aren’t.

But if you feel ready to deal with your current growth challenges and want to do it in a healthy way, this will be your game-changer!

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